Mobile Payments

The increasing use of smartphones and mobile commerce services has led to exceptional growth in the demand for remote and proximity payment services.
Pay Reply is Reply's centre of expertise, specialising in consultancy services and technology platforms for mobile payments.

Pay Reply

Mobile Payments Platform

HI Credits, Reply's mobile payments platform, supports banks, telecommunications operators, retail companies and utilities in creating safe, new payment services that are context aware. HI Credits is an open, modular platform, which is highly customisable and makes use of smartphone technologies and sensor systems.

HI Credits

Case History

Banco Popolare chooses Reply to develop an innovative Mobile App to purchase goods and services in mobility. The App is called ‘Youpay Mobile’ and it is based on HI Credits, Reply’s Mobile Payment Solution able to offer innovative Remote & Proximity payment services.

Mobile Payments Channel

Discover the innovative payment scenarios enabled by Hi Credits, Pay Reply's Mobile Payments platform.

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